Bpm'online CRM for Management Consulting Firms

Deploy an integrated all-in-one solution to run all processes of your firm:

  • Improve resource allocations, boost advisors productivity
  • Enhance human resource management efficiency
  • Deploy smart enquiry management tools
  • Organize all documents in a single stream
  • Take your client relationships & sales management to the next level
  • Centralize your firm's collective knowledge and experience
  • Implement a joined-up approach to business process management

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Professional Services

The success of a consulting organization depends not only on the skills of advisors, but also on well-organized processes and operational aspects. By choosing the right system to manage the day-to-day work of your firm, you can improve advisor’s efficiency and focus on serving your clients.

Bpm'online CRM is a comprehensive process-based solution that offers management consulting firms a variety of tools to gain greater business efficiency and enable more-informed decision making.

An intuitive web interface will be familiar for you employees, enabling fast system adoption. Using bpm'online outlook connector the advisors can work in native MS Outlook environment, perform their tasks in an offline mode.

All-in-one CRM Solution

Bpm'online CRM has been designed to meet the specific needs of the management consulting industry:

Project Resource & Time Management

  • Organize all kind of activities (tasks, calls, emails) in a single interface
  • Plan workload for your team, deploy business processes to assign tasks and resources
  • Use reminders to optimize timeliness
  • Calculate fees based on employee internal and external rates
  • Automatically calculate costs of services, track all additional expenses
  • Get reports on employees tasks with amounts and financial result
  • Relish a 360-degree view of your company efficiency on a consolidated dashboard
  • Summarize all activities and analyse data to aid strategic and operational decisions

Human Resource Management

  • Create and keep full employee database with personal data
  • Monitor list of activities by employees, group of employees, track tasks results
  • Set up internal and external rates, use rate for automated billing
  • Keep information on employee’s professional growth
  • Check employees workload and participation roles in projects

Enquiry Management

  • Enjoy intuitive interface for fast and efficient operation – advisors and office staff will focus on enquiries and clients, not forms and reports
  • Promptly register enquiries through different sources: calls, emails, personal requests
  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Google services to get all that you need in a single system
  • Assign a relevant advisor (group of advisors) for an enquiry
  • Monitor the status and duration of the enquiry resolution
  • Set reminders for time-sensitive or overdue tasks, and track progress of objectives
  • Check recommendation provided by the advisor populate

Document & Knowledge Management

  • Set up a unified repository for improved control and document management
  • Create template documents, generate with personalized details (ex: name of client etc.) and email the client directly from the system
  • Organize document categories in a tree-like structure, use the Quick Search for the document or template you need
  • Archive all document versions to control content throughout its lifecycle
  • Automate multi-tier review and approval process to maintain document accuracy and timely provision
  • Instantly access a centrally stored information library, including practices description, recommendations, document templates, etc.
  • Share the valuable knowledge in your company to utilize best practices and gain greater success

CRM, Sales & Marketing Management

  • Collect vital client data via multiple channels: email, phone, website, social networks
  • Access client key data with just a mouse click: contact info, interaction history, recommendations provided, upcoming meetings, etc.
  • Easily differentiate and segment clients
  • Plan and launch targeted marketing campaigns and PR activities
  • Automate entire sales process from capturing a lead, to appointment and to sale
  • Obtain complete information about tenders, including tender status, deadline for proposal submission, financial information, etc.
  • Expand opportunities for cross sales
  • Keep track of the client agreement terms fulfilment
  • Track financial result by client, improve profitability by focusing especially on the most profitable clients

Business Process Management

  • Seamlessly manage all the client-facing processes and back-office tasks
  • Design processes using an intuitive graphical designer and execute to streamline consulting advice delivery
  • Automate routine operations to focus on clients instead
  • Ensure effective cross-communication between advisors, within the group of advisors
  • Monitor results of the work, continuously improve relevant business processes to gain competitive advantage
  • Implement the best practices, work according to the same rules and processes

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